Beach property for sale in Makarska

With the rising need for luxurious homes and apartments in Makarska, a lot of beach property for sale has also been experienced to reflect on the same. The houses and the homes found in the region have been made in every manner that they will definitely quench your thirst for luxury. From the compound to the surrounding environment, you will just fall in love with this particular building. It has been located and made to stand out from the rest of the buildings in the neighbourhood.

Total area: 60,68 m²

No. of rooms: 1

Style: Modern

Setting: Dalmatian Coastline

This amazing beach property for sale is flat in building. Its location and positioning gives you an amazing view of the lake of Makarska. Therefore, if you love the views, then you have your spot here. The cool breeze from the lake will definitely cool you down during the hot seasons as you appreciate the creation and the apartment you are living in. From the view, you can be able to appreciate the location that this single-bedroom apartment has to offer you throughout your stay.

The description of this beach property for sale will not be enough without getting exactly on the inside. There are those people who love an apartment from its interior design and the rooms that are available. If you are that individual, then this apartment offers you a hallway which leads you to four distinct rooms. One of them is the kitchen, the other being the store room where you can store a lot of things that are so precious to you and your family. From the hallway, you can also get to see the living room which is built with absolute modernity in mind. Finally, a loggia is there for you.

If you are an automobile owner, then you will appreciate the parking spot next to the garage in the apartment. This beach property for sale is all purpose and whole contained. It houses you, your vehicle, and your belongings with security that is tight enough. In addition to the interior designs, the rooms also have proper air conditioning system to keep you fresh and rejuvenated all the time. There is also under floor heating to keep the entire apartment warm and comfortable to dwell in at all times.

Construction materials together with the quality of work done to set up and build this beach property for sale are durable and strong. The stones made to build this apartment are just incredible and set up to face the adverse climatic conditions with strength. The stone floors made up of travertine to the video intercom make this whole property worth the value demanded for it.

The beach property for sale also comes with the proper and accurate documentation to ensure that transactions are legally bounding. Upon sale, you will have all the permits to use this building, get access to it and improve on it in your own way.

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