Sutivan stone house

Buying Croatian Property in a Culturally Protected Area

Buying property located in a culturally protected area is an appealing idea to anyone looking for a house with character and old fashioned charm, or one situated in a unique setting that reflects the history and culture of the area. Croatia has a number of historic cities, old towns and zones that are protected under the law, and these are some of the most attractive locations for holiday homes.

Heritage listings tend to have a positive impact on the value of the property and can make a house or apartment a good investment down the line. These properties come a guarantee that the neighbourhood will not dramatically change in the near future, as there are laws that restrict development in protected areas to prevent changes that detract from the heritage significance. While owners cannot remove these properties or deliberately allow them to deteriorate, they are not expected to do anything beyond regular maintenance.

Protection of cultural property in Croatia

While this is usually a formality, potential buyers of a property situated in a culturally protected area should be aware that, under local law, they cannot purchase the property until it has been offered to the local or county council, or to the Republic of Croatia. If these institutions do not confirm their intention to purchase within 60 days, they waive their right to acquire the property and it becomes legally available for purchase.

Properties situated in culturally protected areas are generally bought by those who like their character, or the neighbourhood, or they relish the challenge of renovation. However, all exterior changes, renovation work, and any changes to the existing structure of a house require a special permission from the local cultural heritage department. To save time and money, it is a good idea to consult with them beforehand and get all the relevant information before submitting an application.

Property for sale on the Croatian coast

Sutivan stone house
This stone house in Sutivan on the island of Brač is situated in the town centre, only 30 metres from the sea. With a ground floor, first floor and a high loft, the house has a living surface of 250 square metres.

Rogoznica villa
This villa with a pool is located in Rogoznica, a popular tourist destination roughly a third of the way from Šibenik to Split. Situated in a lovely bay, in the first row by the sea, the newly built property with a terrace overlooking the sea has three floors and occupies a total area of 360 square metres. It sits on a 400 square metre plot and has a storage area, garage, parking spaces and a garden.
Novigrad villa
This newly built two-floor villa with a pool is situated near Novigrad in Istria. It has a total area of 190 square metres and sits on a 420 square metre plot. Downstairs, the modernly furnished property has a spacious living room overlooking an outdoor heated swimming pool, a garden, and the sea on the horizon. Upstairs, there are two bathrooms and three bedrooms: two with two double beds and one with two single beds. The villa also has two parking spots, an open fireplace and a covered terrace.
Trogir detached house
This property in Trogir comprises three floors and occupies an area of about 600 square metres. The detached house is situated in the first row by the sea and has a garden, balcony and terrace with a sea view.

Korčula detached house
This house with a sea view is located in Smokvica, a village on the island of Korčula. The spacious three-floor property occupies an area of 400 square metres and is situated on a 480 square metre lot only 150 metres from the beach. The ground floor has a kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, toilet, storage room and four bedrooms. The first floor has three apartments, and the attic has two 2-bedroom apartments. The house comes with a garden, garage, barbecue area and seven terraces overlooking the sea.