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Energy Performance Certificate for Your Property in Croatia

The energy performance certificate (EPC) is a document that contains information about the use of energy in a home, office or rental property.

Much like the labels on household appliances and new vehicles, the EPC serves to show how efficiently energy is used on a scale from A+ to G. The A+ rating indicates highly efficient energy use, usually implying renewable energy resources, while the G rating stands for poor energy performance. The energy rating for any given property depends on the characteristics of the building and its utilities, including heating, lighting and ventilation. The EPC itself is 25 pages long and includes information about the building’s energy class and HVAC systems, energy requirements, climate data, the authorised energy certifier, and all the applicable standards and regulations.

All property owners looking to sell, lease or rent their house or apartment in Croatia must have the certificate to provide potential buyers with insight into the quality of energy use in the building. The regulation was introduced when Croatia joined the EU and its purpose is to protect potential buyers, tenants or renters by allowing them to make an informed decision when assessing the cost effectiveness of the property. With the EPC, they can do this by taking into account the building’s energy consumption, which ultimately reflects on the monthly communal expenses and utility bills.

How to get an EPC

The energy performance certificate for a new building is based on the data available in the project documentation, while older buildings typically require an energy audit. To get the EPC, property owners need to submit technical documentation for the building and have an architectural survey of the property conducted. The certificate is issued by persons or agencies authorised by the Croatian Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning. Once issued, the document is valid for 10 years and can be used any time there is a change in tenancy or the property is sold.

The cost of obtaining an energy performance certificate largely depends on the size of the property. Most providers offer a base price, as determined by the Ministry, but the price does not include the costs of thermal measurement, paperwork and collection of data. Many Croatian real estate agencies are authorised to issue the certificate and can provide more information for specific properties.

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