New Built Homes for Sale in Croatia

In modern times, such as today, more and more gadgets with advanced technology come out in the market every now and then. Most people of today are so obsessed with following the latest trends and fashion. To them owning something new is everything since new is always believed to be something that is pleasant and considered being the most convenient and not only but also they stand out among the rest of their peers for owning the latest. This belief is also basically true in buying and owning a home in today’s time. Thus, owning a new built home is everyone’s dream.

New built homes of today are favoured by many for their modern architecture with the most modern fixtures and materials as well as the most recent design. More often than not, they are aesthetically appealing inside and out, providing a reputation of class and style for their residents. They provide their residents with utmost comfort and convenience. As you can see the new built homes, nowadays, are structured with modern fixtures.

New Built Homes for Sale in Croatia

How would you like to live in a place where you can enjoy the finest dining experience at the popular restaurants from a short distance? Do you love the nightlife and wish you live nearby the best bars? Do you love shopping and always find pleasure in getting the best deals and dream of owning a home where you can go to shops just located a few kilometres away? Consider buying one of the new built homes for sale in Croatia particularly in Businiji village. These new homes built in Businiji village are just approximately 3 kilometres from the heart of Novigrad, a place where you can find various restaurants, bars and shops.


The featured new built homes are 2 semi-detached homes having the Bauhaus style. As these homes are semi-detached, you can use the other part of the home solely for other purposes such as a receiving area if you are the type of homeowner who loves to hold parties or welcome guests anytime or as an indoor recreational area for the family or guests. If you are looking for the kind of home where you can both relax either in a balcony or just sit in the comfort of a covered terrace, there are no other new built homes that can provide both than these homes.

If living in an approximately 400 m2 home with a net living space availability of about 163 m2 is sufficient space for you, these semi-detached homes are ideal for you. Moreover, if you want to add some more outdoor amenities and interior fixtures for a more convenient living and enjoyable living conditions, depending on your choice, these modern new built homes can be added with air conditioning, exterior shutters, under floor heating and a pool.

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