Seget house

Property in Croatia: How to Attract Buyers with the Right Price

Properties along the Croatian coast attract new foreign buyers every year and the country’s entry in the EU has made it easier for owners looking to sell their house, apartment or villa to offer their property for sale to foreign nationals. However, while coastal properties will always have an easy appeal to buyers, owning an attractive home does not guarantee that it will sell. To improve the odds, owners must set a realistic listing price, one that is favourable both to them and to buyers.
Owners of holiday homes in Croatia have a lot going for them from the start. For those looking to buy property on the Adriatic coast, Croatia is an excellent alternative to some of the better known Mediterranean destinations. With one of the cleanest and prettiest coastlines in the region, the country offers countless holiday destinations, ranging from urban to undiscovered. This makes coastal properties an interesting investment to many foreign nationals looking to get rental returns. However, lower property prices are a big part of the appeal and, for this reason, real estate owners looking to sell their property must offer competitive prices.

Property prices in Croatia

The key factors that determine the price of a property are the type, location and characteristics of the property, as well as market demand. Not all coastal locations are equal and, while residential property sales in popular tourist regions like Dubrovnik and Istria are on the rise, overall home sales in Croatia are not.
For potential buyers, the key factor in determining which property to buy is the listing price. A property that is up for sale gets the most attention in the first several weeks and if the initial asking price is too high, it may discourage buyers. With a realistic listing price, more potential buyers will be attracted to a property when interest is at its highest.
This, however, does not mean that the asking price should be too low. The right price should reflect the true value of the property and cover all the expenses the owners incur while also taking into account the local real estate market and financial situation of potential buyers. To get a better idea of the price range for properties in Croatia that are currently on sale, browse our offer of houses and apartments.

Property for sale in Croatia

Seget house
This detached two-floor house by the sea, located in Seget near Split, occupies an area of 120 square metres and sits on a lot of 400 square metres in the first row by the sea. With two studio apartments on the ground floor, two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom on the first floor, a balcony and a garage, the house is available at the reduced price of 390,000 euros.


Vis house

This spacious two-floor house on Vis island has an apartment with a terrace on each floor and is located only 150 m from the sea. The property, which offers a stunning view of the sea, has several ancillary buildings: a lumber room, fire place and storage tank. It is currently available at the reduced price of 269,000 euros.
Brac house
This house in Milna on Brač island also sits in an attractive location, about 100 m from the sea. With two floors, an attic, and a spacious terrace, the property is situated on a lot cultivated with Mediterranean plants. It is currently on sale for an asking price of 220,000 euros.

Split apartment
This fully furnished four-bedroom apartment in Split is located in the city’s best residential area, only minutes away from the city centre. Along with four bedrooms, the apartment has two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and three balconies, and offers a stunning view of the sea. It is currently available for 524,000 euros.

Brela apartment
This two-bedroom apartment on the high ground floor of a villa in Brela offers a beautiful sea view from a spacious terrace. The apartment is situated only 50 m from the sea and has two bedrooms, a living room, dining room and kitchen, laundry room, two bathrooms, a garage and parking space. The apartment can be purchased for 350,000 euros.