Stone House Restoration Opportunity in Milna

Why should people be attracted to this stone house restoration? Stone houses are famous for their enduring quality. Aside from being anti seismic, stone houses have the capacity to keep its residents cool during the summer and warm during the winter more than any type of house can. Having exceptional aesthetics, stone houses are still favoured by many to this day. That is why even nowadays there are still a considerable number of investors or potential homeowners who prefer to buy stone houses.



If you are one of those who are looking for some stone house restoration opportunities, why not consider buying one that is located in Milna? For many, Milna is considered as an ideal place to live and how lucky you would be to own a stone house in Milna. This particular stone house that is featured here is an antique stone house that you can find in the middle of Milna.

A very good property for house restoration, this stone house, is made of durable stone materials that have stood the test of time and are still expected to remain strong and solid for more generations to come. So, when you invest in this kind of property you are sure to benefit more from it. As it is made of lasting quality stone materials, there are definitely less amount of money to be used in terms of the house restoration cost.

This stone house is offered at a price directly proportional to its quality and to your guaranteed satisfaction. With a surface area of 15000 m², its residents would have more than enough room to welcome a great number of guests for large gatherings on important occasions. This stone house comprises three rooms and three floors. There is a tavern on the ground floor. The first floor that can be accessed through an inner staircase comprises kitchen, two bedrooms and corridor. The first floor is also connected with the high loft through an inner staircase.  With three rooms and three floors, this stone house is an excellent place for the kind of house restoration to accommodate various indoor family and guest activities and recreations that require a lot of space.

This stone house with a garden and a yard comprising a surface area of around 100 m² is an excellent idea if you are looking for a house restoration idea that comprises both. When you buy this featured stone house, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to water, electricity and sewage system since you will have full access to these utilities as these are built strategically connecting to the stone house. What’s more is that the sea is just around 70 m apart from the house.

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